Bank of Ireland “BizWorld”

Our 5th classes participate in a Dragons Den type programme known as “BizWorld” which promotes entrepreneurships skills among pupils.

BizWorld Ireland is part of a global BizWorld movement, working with over 560,000 students in 100 countries around the world. BizWorld Ireland was established in 2011.  BizWorld Ireland is a not-for-profit organisation.

A very popular annual event among our 5th class pupils, the workshops delivered by BizWorld help our students develop critical thinking, leadership and teamwork skills. Through these workshops which are delivered to our pupils by Bank of Ireland, Blanchardstown, our students learn how they can benefit from entrepreneurship, and equip themselves to become the next generation of innovators.

Some very innovative business ideas were created by SFX pupils this year:

Ms. Hansberry’s Class

Company Name: “Stickimals

Product Description: A magnetic collectible toy for kids!


  • Louis Sampson O’Kelly (Managing Director)
  • Ruairí Glynn (Director of Finance)
  • Rian Rollan (Director of Design)
  • Eva Clarke (Director of Production)
  • Jawad Alshawabekeh (Director of Sales)
  • Lehna Nicolas (Marketing Manager)

Dragons’ Offer:  95 BizBucks for 17% of the company


Company Name: “Bake Some Cakes

Product Description: A bakery school for children and adults


  • Caoimhe Malone (Managing Director)
  • Presley Andanga (Director of Design)
  • Elisha Gallagher (Director of Marketing)
  • Grace Atkinson (Director of Finance)
  • Sophia Sampson O’Kelly (Director of Production)
  • Aaron Jordan (Director of Sales)

 Dragons’ Offer: 120 BizBucks for 30% of the company


Company Name: “Bathometer

Product Description: A bath that regulates the temperature of the bath water.


  • Sarah Fitzpatrick (Managing Director)
  • William Burner (Director of Marketing)
  • Olivia Reddy (Director of Design)
  • Adam Mongey Lawlor (Director of Production)
  • Dara Donovan (Director of Finance)
  • Timothy Rodrigues (Director of Sales)

 Dragon’s Offer: 130 BizBucks for 30% of the company


Company Name: “Living Sports

Product Description: A discount sports shop


  • Emma Hudson (Managing Director)
  • James Cassidy (Direcotr of Marketing)
  • Harry Healy (Director of Finance)
  • Ciara Aylward (Director of Production)
  • Samantha Rakipaj (Director of Design)
  • Ella-Rose Kelly (Director of Marketing)


Company Name: “Fitness Fun

Product Description: A sports centre for all sports


  • Nicole Kelly (Managing Director)
  • Aidan Alpine (Director of Finance)
  • Kelley Moore (Director of Marketing)
  • Philip Mitten (Director of Sales)
  • Emi Mihoc (Director of Production)
  • Lilibelle Quinn (Director of Design)

Dragons’ Offer:  180 BizBucks for 35% of the company

Ms. Hyland’s Class

Company Name: Pin Pal

Product Description: a vibrating pin you wear to remind you of important appointments or time to take your medicine


Company Name:  “Electric Shlise

Product Description: A hardback book designed to include an electronic device at the back of the book


  •  Leah Nedelea (Managing Director)
  •  Ivanna Mc Coy (Director of Sales)
  •  Eduarda Apostol (Director of Production)
  • Sorina Costis (Director of Design)
  • Haritha Meenakshi (Director of Finance)
  • Sadhbh Leonard (Director of Marketing)


Company Name:  “Speed

Product Description: An online won brand sports shop


  • Keelin Dooley (Managing Director)
  •  Eliza Breban (Director of Finance)
  • Jamie Crowley (Director of Marketing)
  •  Mark Lawlor (Director of Sales)
  •  Nicola Maliszkiewicz (Director of Production)
  •  Elise Lowthe (Director of Design)


Company Name:  CBC (Censored Bike Lock)

Product Description: A lock with a tracker device attached


  •  Evan Keogh (Director of Finance)
  • Armandas Makarovas (Director of Design)
  •  Ciaran Doherty
  •  James Byrne
  •  Miaz Mustasim
  •  Reese  Hennessy


Company Name:  Pet Health Tracker (PHT)

Product Description: A chip for dogs to track their health


  • Ciaran Doherty (Managing Director)
  • Robert Dunne
  • Jason Cullen Woods
  • Kalvin Whelan
  • Evan Byrne
  • Rafia Nauman

Mr. Ó Séaghadh’s  Class

Company Name:  “The Ocean Café

Product Description: A café selling delicious food while raising awareness of ocean pollution.


  • Anna Cahir (Managing Director)
  • Aisling Philips (Director of Finance)
  • Ben Gurr (Director of Design)
  • Faye Cherry Maguire (Director of Production)
  • Hayley O’Reilly (Director of Marketing)
  • Emma Ní Nualláin (Director of Sales)

Dragon Offer:  100 Bizbucks for 25% of our company.


Company Name:  Edible School Supplies

Product Description: Edible School Supplies


  • Aoife Clarke (Managing Director)
  • Oscar Xia (Director of Finance)
  • Lucy O’Donovan (Director of Design)
  • Aleksandra Grigorjan (Director of Production)
  • Ben Murray (Director of Marketing)
  • Séan Butler (Director of Sales)

Dragon Offer:  17% for 110 BizBucks; 20% for 200 BizBucks; 25% for 200 BizBucks.  We accepted the third offer.


Company Name:  “Just Cooking It”

Product Description:  We make bags/jars of ingredients and send them to customers.


  • Cara Dixon (Marketing Director)
  • Aisling Whelan (Director of Sales)
  • Dylan Watters (Director of Production)
  • Heather Donnelly (Managing Director)
  • Mikolij Mazurowski (Director of Finance)
  • Sinéad Donohe (Director of Design)

Dragon Offer:  100 BizBucks for 15% of our company.

Company Name:  Doccle X

Product Description: We sell phone cases, football gear, controller covers and the only unburstable footballs in the world!


  • Daniel F (Managing Director)
  • Conor G  (Director of Finance)
  • Cian F (Director of Production)
  • Shaun Rehman (Director of Design)
  • Leon L & Owen M  (Directors of Marketing)

Dragons Offer:  100 BizBucks for 19% of our company


Company Name: Vision Extreme

Product Description: We encourage young children to get crafty and independent in a fun way by doing exciting lava lamp and slime presentation. And for their parents…there’s a café!


  •  Mariya Khosa (managing Director)
  •  Laia Lopez (Director of Finance)
  •  Nnedimma Ehirm (Director of Design)
  •  Mitziel Pagador (Director of Production)
  •  Ruben Brennan (Director of Marketing)
  •  Conor Gill (Director of Sales)

Dragons Offer:  The Dragon offers for the company 100 BizBucks for 30%. We had to bargain a little to get to our goal, but we did eventually! Bizworld was such a fun experience and we would like to thank the school for such an awesome opportunity!

Some of these wonderful ideas were nominated for BizWorld Showcase where our pupils represented Bank of Ireland Blanchardstown at Fingal Enterprise Town Day in Swords – an event is designed to promote the best of local business and the best of local schools and community groups in Dublin North.   Following their business project exhibition, the pupils attended a talk given by Gavin Duffy from Dragon’s Den together with Dublin GAA footballer Paddy Andrews and Irish rugby player Lynne Cantwell.  Well done to all our pupils who represented the school so well.