All classes make regular visits to Draíocht where they participate in workshops and attend performances. We are fortunate to welcome artists-in-residence at Draíocht to our school for additional workshops.


Some of our workshops this year included:



Eimear Morrissey introduced the pupils to the wonderful world of theatre through imaginative storytelling and fun group games. Pupils collaborated to create a short-improvised performance piece using a variety of drama strategies lined to the Drama curriculum. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed this creative drama process.

Clay Workshops
Artist Deirdre O’Reilly brought a 2-hour ceramic workshop to our school. This indepth workshop taught the children techniques for moulding clay and creating designs. Deirdre outlined how all ceramics must be created fromn a 3D shape as a starting point for model making. From various cubes, cubiods and cylinders, a variety of elephoants, giraffes, camels, cars and trucks emerged, creating beautiful aesthetic displays in the school. All materials were generously supplied to the school by the artist.

Creative Journalling
Artist Liz Rackard led a workshop introducing pupils to the concept of creative journaling. Children were each given a journal of their own to being their own visual creations. Liz shared her own process of gathering ideas and inspiration for her artwork. She explained that visual journaling emphasises thoughts, ideas and the elements of colour, shape and texture. The children were very engaged by the process and very much inspired as they also got to see Liz’s artwork on display in the gallery at Draíocht. It was a wonderful opportunity for they to experience how the artistic process works from inspiration to final exhibition of artwork.

Print Workshops
Artist Deirdre O’Reilly returned to deliver a 2 hour print making workshop introducing the pupils to a number of different print making techniques. The pupils then worked together to plan, create and produce a series of limited edition original prints! The children explored the elements of shape, colour and pattern, creating a collaborative work of art which is now displayed as our updated school mural adjacent to the Library Garden. All materials were generously supplied by the artist.

Our thanks to Sarah Beirne and her team in Draíocht for the many hours enjoyed by the children.