The International Dimension at SFX

In 2016 we held our first International Culture Day celebrating the many cultures SFX pupils now represent. This was a truly wonderful day where many pupils and parents came together to display arts and crafts from their different cultures and also did some delicious food tastings!


Spanish food

Spanish Food

French and German Food

French and German Food

A family picture

A family affair

International Food

International Food


Since then, our International Day has developed into an annual Sports and Culture Day where all pupils have the opportunity to try their hand at games from different countries and sample some delicious foods at half-time! Our international community also participate in our annual PA Christmas Fair hosting international foods stalls to the delight of many!

Food from Asia pictyure

Food from Asia

Currently, we have 27 nationalities among our pupil population and we are delighted to welcome and celebrate the many benefits of diversity in our school.