Our February Blog

Our February Blog

For Random Acts of Kindness Week, we chose to write a letter to one of our classmates. In our letters, we wrote why our classmate is a great person, what we like about them, what they are really good at and why they are a great friend. We really enjoyed writing our letters as well as receiving one. It’s really nice to read a letter about ourselves and the nice.

Our Science Investigations

Last Monday we started investigating on how far cars can travel down a slope with Ms. Reidy. The next day we started pulling the tables back to make more space for the cars to roll. We then got into groups of fours and fives and started the investigation. Firstly we started with the slope at the bottom rung of a ladder and moved our way up. The first two groups.

Our January Blog

This January we were quite busy. We started to practice songs in the church and in the P.E. hall as part of the choir for the 6th class Confirmation. We learned about electric circuits in science and we even made some circuits ourselves. It was hard because only half of the batteries were working. We first had to figure out which batteries worked and which didn’t. We started S.R.A. This.

November in Room 5

We are back and ready to get started again after our relaxing yet fulfilling Halloween break. Seems like everyone got their fair share of sweets! We have been very busy this month learning about the Aztec lifestyle as well as constructing our group projects on Mexico. We had a lot of fun comparing our lifestyles with theirs. With Christmas now just around the corner we are putting our heads down.

October in Room 5

This month in Room 5 we have really settled down into the big jump to 5th class. We have been really busy preparing our Halloween Narratives as well as researching the traditions of Halloween all around the world. We even had a visit from a Garda to our class!!! We finished off the month building our scary clay monsters to take home in time for the Halloween break! Happy Halloween.

January in Room 6

Welcome back to our Class Blog in 2020! We have been very busy in our first month back this new year. In English, we are focusing on procedural writing. We had great fun writing a procedure on ‘How to make our Teacher Happy.’We came up with some great ideas in our class! We have also been learning the poem ‘All My Great Excuses’. It is about a boy who is.

November Blog

November was a great month, we did so much I’m not sure how to fit it all in. We painted Starry Starry Night, they were as good as Vincent Van Gough’s, most of them. We also listened to ‘Vincent’ the song and filled in a sheet of questions as we listened. On our last day with Ms Daly, we were all sad, but when we heard we were making MEGA.

Our October Blog

We’re all settled back into school now and we’ve done so much exciting stuff at the moment. We have two teachers Mr Kilkenny and Ms Daly. We have learnt loads of Irish with Ms Daly and have played loads of gaeilge games including bingo! We had an invisible friend to look out for us during mental health week and made maths diaries and posters in maths week. In religion Miss.

Monster Art

In Room 6 we are very excited for Halloween. We have been working hard creating friendly monsters for our Halloween art. We looked at different monster images and then we practiced creating our own monster in our sketch pads. When we were happy with our own monster, we drew it on our canvas in pencil and went over the outline in black marker. We decided that if we used two.

Well being in Room 6

In room 6, we have done different activities that help us look after our well-being. We have made colourful posters showing things we are grateful for. We have displayed them on our well-being wall with pride. We also complete our Gratitude Diary in class everyday which helps us to remember the good parts of our day. In art, we created our own unique stones which we painted and wrote positive.

Our first post

Here in Room 5 we have spent the first few weeks of school creating a comfortable and respectful classroom environment. We have spent some time learning about the different organs and systems of our bodies. The class even used balloons to investigate their own lung capacity. We look to continue using creative innovative ways to learn over the coming months to keep our learning as fun as possible!

Back to School

It was hard coming back to school, all the lying around all day and playing with dolls and video games when we were off! But we have to go back to school eventually! In September we did some art on a Friday. We drew self portraits. We got the instructions from a website called Artsmudge. The person who drew the picture was really good but I think we were better!(Well.

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