September in Room 14

Mrs Rogers Room 14 Welcome to Room 14 and our first post of the year! On our first day, we told Mrs Rogers that we felt a mixture of nerves and excitement the night before starting in the senior school. We were so excited to be back in school to meet our friends again and our new teacher, as well as learning new things, after the long Summer break. We.

Family Trees Room 15

Here in Room 15 we’ve settled in to the Senior School! We’ve been busy getting to know our new school and teachers, as well as getting to know more about our class mates. We made family trees during one of our history lessons. This helped us get to know some of our family history, and got us chatting to our grandparents and parents about our families. We shared our family.

Our Very First Post

Greetings from Room 12, Our class has been up to lots of fun things this year. Last week, we made our very own newspapers. As reporters, we wrote articles about superheroes, the 3 Little Pigs and a fascinating story about giant, flying turtles. We have started to create e-books in pairs. We can add in a cool background, make pictures talk, and we can decide which crazy fonts to write.

Planting with Brian 🌿

Back in March, Room 15 were given the chance to do some planting with Brian. Each of us planted some sweet pea into compost trays and learned about the different ways we could help our plants grow. Brian then told us that if we looked after our plants properly, they could grow as high as 3 feet. This week Room 15 went back to our plants and it was truly.

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