Science Week 2020

Last week in Room 12 we celebrated Science Week. We carried out a few experiments to help us learn about absorption, gases, acids and bases. We also learned about how animals adapt to survive. For art, we designed some Science pictures. Our first experiment tested the absorption of materials and the mixing of primary colours. We used blue and yellow food dye to try make the colour green. The tissue.

Happy Hallowe’en!

Just before midterm we had some great celebrations in Room 12 for Hallowe’en. Many of the boys and girls read scary stories and we played some fun games. The costumes were excellent!

Pancake Tuesday Rm 14 February

2020 so far

Room 13 has been very busy since our trip to the BT Science Fair. We have been celebrating the new year and have been working on some New Year’s resolutions. Our main one is to read more books this year. We have been also learning about Chinese New Year and we made our own art decorations for the classroom. In SESE, the boys and girls have done some great research.

‘PAL’entines Day in Room 15

Last Friday the 14th of February was Valentines Day. In our class we called it ‘PAL’entines day and wrote letters to our pals. We each got a letter from our pal full of nice compliments and kind messages. When we came in from yard our letter was sitting on our desk with a little chocolate from our pal. We also made some lovely valentines artwork. We firstly traced our hands.

Room 15’s St. Brigid’s Day Cloaks

We worked together to make St. Brigid day cloaks. We really enjoyed this activity and loved sitting together painting on the same cloth. We each had our own box to paint, like a patchwork quilt we each had a square which when joined together created a beautiful cloak. Our cloaks are now hanging up in the St.Brigid’s Church Blanchardstown, we are really proud of our cloaks and are delighted they.

January in Room 14

Some more pictures from our Fairy Cake Baking

January in Room 14

Happy New Year everyone! What a start to the new year it has been! Already, we’ve been learning our x4 and x8 tables. We’ve got real hands on life experience of length in Maths. Mrs Rogers let her group run 100m and we compared our times to Usain Bolts 100m sprints! Our topic in Gaeilge has been Eadai. We are also beginning our “Labairt Abairti” books which we are very.

November & December 2019 in Rm 14

Dia daoibh from Room 14! We are combining two months in this blog. We’ve been so busy as always. So much to report, so little time! Anyway some highlights include learning our times tables (x2, x3, x4, x5) in Maths, experiencing Café Gaeilge for Irish and writing narrative stories in English. In History we learned all about the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and Ancient Greece. We thoroughly enjoyed making.

Making our own calendars in Room 15.

This month we are learning how to write a procedure. Here is how we made our Calendars. How to make a Splatter Paint Calendar! Materials: A4 White paper Masking Tape Various colours of paint Paint brushes Black Card Black Marker Small paper calendar Instructions: 1. Stick piece of masking tape to a sheet of white paper in different directions. 2. Choose one colour and paint the whole page. 3. Wait.

Christmas in Room Fifteen

Hello everyone, here is a list of some of the activities we got up to before the Christmas break, we hope you enjoy reading it and looking at our pictures. On the last day before Christmas we had a party in our glass and played games such as Pie Face.. some people got cream all over their face! We performed a play called ‘ Straw and Order’ with Mrs.Roger’s class,.

Halloween in Room Fifteen

Hi everyone and welcome back to our class blog, We’re going to tell you about a few things we got up to before Mid-Term and Halloween break. On Friday we all dressed up for school and showed our costumes off to each other. We all had fun looking at each other’s costumes and some people had really funny costumes! We got up to lots of fun things on Friday, first.

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