Student Council Elections in Room 3

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December in room 3.

December was a very cold and busy month. 6th class got to go to the Legal Street mock trial in Blackhall Place. With a real Judge! Goldilocks was proven innocent! It was a very fun experience we all enjoyed it! A few days later we went to the National Art Gallery and The National History Museum we all had a great time especially the people who love art. At the.

November in room 3.

Hi and welcome to room 3’s November blog. We have been up to loads this month. We made pine cone Christmas decorations with Elisha’s mom, Lucy. We sold them at the Christmas fair. We had a very successful business . We also went to the National Basketball Arena, both boy’s and girl’s teams played great and we returned with yet another trophy. We also did wellness week and had no.

October in room 3

October blog Hi, welcome to our October blog. We have been very busy this month in room 3! We did a workshop with the FAI, we learned to show racism the red card. The student council had a bake sale which was originally to raise money to buy sports kits for the girls, but the parents association kindly paid for them. There were so many lovely baked goods thanks to.

September in Room 3

Welcome to room 3! Hello readers of our class blog. This September we got up to lots of stuff like the girls GAA team started and all the girls were delighted! They have won all their matches so far. Well done girls! The boys GAA team have won all their matches as well. Well done boys! That was all the GAA gossip. Now let’s talk about student council, the candidates.

Student Council 2019/2020

On Friday, 20th of September, 2019, the sixth class pupils gathered in the hall as they continued their campaign for a place on St. Francis Xavier Student Council 2019/2020. The pupils, encouraged by their peers, delivered their speeches with great confidence and enthusiasm. Their ideas were outstanding and made the decision of who to elect very difficult for the audience present. Unfortunately, only two pupils from each 6th class could.

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