Ms. Bourne

Room 12: Fáilte go seomra 12 rang a 4, múinteoir Mr. Stokes.

Science Week 2020

Last week in Room 12 we celebrated Science Week. We carried out a few experiments to help us learn about absorption, gases, acids and bases. We also learned about how animals adapt to survive. For art, we designed some Science pictures. Our first experiment tested the absorption of materials and the mixing of primary colours. We used blue and yellow food dye to try make the colour green. The tissue.

Happy Hallowe’en!

Just before midterm we had some great celebrations in Room 12 for Hallowe’en. Many of the boys and girls read scary stories and we played some fun games. The costumes were excellent!

2020 so far

Room 13 has been very busy since our trip to the BT Science Fair. We have been celebrating the new year and have been working on some New Year’s resolutions. Our main one is to read more books this year. We have been also learning about Chinese New Year and we made our own art decorations for the classroom. In SESE, the boys and girls have done some great research.

BT Primary Science Fair

On Friday 10th January our class took part in the BT Primary Science fair. We were the youngest class to enter a project. The boys and girls presented all our research to children from primary schools and secondary schools, as well as teachers, parents and science fair judges. We arrived at the fair at 9:00 am and we attended a show which used break-dancing to teach about Newton’s laws of.

Science Experiment

Our class were recently accepted to take part in the Primary Science Fair which will take place in January. We have been doing a lot of work to prepare for it. Today we did an experiment to help us figure out why the sky is blue. The experiment was successful in helping explain and show why the sky is blue. After the experiment, we began to write up a reflection..

Science Week

This week, in room 13, we have been doing lots of interesting activities in science. We did an experiment using chromatography paper and today we made lava lamps. In the computer room our class began research around a question which a lot of the children were asking. ‘Why is the sky blue?’. We gathered lots of information and will carry out an experiment soon to test what we found. We.

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