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2019/2020 Memories

Our year in 4th class has undoubtedly been one to remember. From the lockdown to Google Classroom, there have been a lot of adjustments and we have worked hard as a class. Before we left in March, we worked hard too and made many 4th class memories. We took part in the “STEPS Young Engineers” competition in which we had to design and make a product that would improve the.

4th Class at Science Blast in the RDS!

            Congratulations to Mr. Donaghy’s 4th Class who participated in this years Science Blast in the RDS on Monday, 2nd March.  The class were investigating ‘What is the best time of day to exercise?’.  The children organised surveys, collected data and presented their findings brilliantly to teachers, judges and children from other schools at the RDS.  They really enjoyed taking part in this exhibition of.

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Pancake Tuesday Rm 14 February

Our February Blog

Our February Blog

For Random Acts of Kindness Week, we chose to write a letter to one of our classmates. In our letters, we wrote why our classmate is a great person, what we like about them, what they are really good at and why they are a great friend. We really enjoyed writing our letters as well as receiving one. It’s really nice to read a letter about ourselves and the nice.

2020 so far

Room 13 has been very busy since our trip to the BT Science Fair. We have been celebrating the new year and have been working on some New Year’s resolutions. Our main one is to read more books this year. We have been also learning about Chinese New Year and we made our own art decorations for the classroom. In SESE, the boys and girls have done some great research.

Our Science Investigations

Last Monday we started investigating on how far cars can travel down a slope with Ms. Reidy. The next day we started pulling the tables back to make more space for the cars to roll. We then got into groups of fours and fives and started the investigation. Firstly we started with the slope at the bottom rung of a ladder and moved our way up. The first two groups.

Our January Blog

This January we were quite busy. We started to practice songs in the church and in the P.E. hall as part of the choir for the 6th class Confirmation. We learned about electric circuits in science and we even made some circuits ourselves. It was hard because only half of the batteries were working. We first had to figure out which batteries worked and which didn’t. We started S.R.A. This.

‘PAL’entines Day in Room 15

Last Friday the 14th of February was Valentines Day. In our class we called it ‘PAL’entines day and wrote letters to our pals. We each got a letter from our pal full of nice compliments and kind messages. When we came in from yard our letter was sitting on our desk with a little chocolate from our pal. We also made some lovely valentines artwork. We firstly traced our hands.

Room 15’s St. Brigid’s Day Cloaks

We worked together to make St. Brigid day cloaks. We really enjoyed this activity and loved sitting together painting on the same cloth. We each had our own box to paint, like a patchwork quilt we each had a square which when joined together created a beautiful cloak. Our cloaks are now hanging up in the St.Brigid’s Church Blanchardstown, we are really proud of our cloaks and are delighted they.

December in room 3.

December was a very cold and busy month. 6th class got to go to the Legal Street mock trial in Blackhall Place. With a real Judge! Goldilocks was proven innocent! It was a very fun experience we all enjoyed it! A few days later we went to the National Art Gallery and The National History Museum we all had a great time especially the people who love art. At the.

November in room 3.

Hi and welcome to room 3’s November blog. We have been up to loads this month. We made pine cone Christmas decorations with Elisha’s mom, Lucy. We sold them at the Christmas fair. We had a very successful business . We also went to the National Basketball Arena, both boy’s and girl’s teams played great and we returned with yet another trophy. We also did wellness week and had no.

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