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Snap, Crackle and Pop!

We spent the morning making rice krispie buns! We finally filled our reward jar with cotton wool which means we got a treat! We used the microwave to melt the chocolate and added marshmallows, mini eggs and sprinkles to our rice krispie buns. We enjoyed them while having a movie afternoon as part of our reward day 🙂

Write A Book 2019!

We spent a lot of time working on our “Write a Book” entries this year. We planned, drafted, edited, and published our creations. We worked in our classroom, the computer room and at home and added drawings and designs to add to our stories. We sent them away and a class in another school read our books and wrote comments at the back! Well done to Grace and Matthew who.


Room 7’s first post is about robots. Here in room 7 we are been constructing our very own robots. Week 1 we used balloons and paper mache to make the heads. Week 2: We used recyclable materials such as shoe boxes, old pringles tubes, cans of fizzy drinks to help build our roboyts bodies. Week 3-4: We as a class worked on the body and legs of our robots. Finding.

5th class school tour.

5th class blog Our school tour. On Friday 31st of May, all the fifth classes went to the National Sports Campus to do different sports and swimming. We got the bus at 8.45 to go to the National Sports Campus. It took 15 minutes to get there. When we got there, we went into the building and the boys and girls were put into two different groups. The boys did.

Irish Emigration Museum Visit

      On Wednesday, March 20th we went to EPIC, The Irish Emigration Museum. EPIC stands for ‘Every Person Is Connected’. We had been learning about the Great Famine in history and we wanted to learn more about Irish emigration. It was very exciting, learning and playing games. They use advanced technology to make learning fun. Did you know
at one time women were not allowed to join the army.

The Fearless Five!

  Our class were lucky enough to be picked to go to Easons for the launch of “The Fearless Five” by Bannie McPartlin. The author herself was there to read us some of her book, talk to us about the idea for the book and the characters and to answer our questions. We were even able to get the author’s autograph! She was so impressed to hear about our “Write-.

Visit to the Bog of Allen

Our class had a a very interesting trip to The Bog of Allen. We did many exciting things such as pond dipping, searching for frogs, we visited a section of the bog and a museum. Finally made our very own bog in a bottle! We were even lucky enough that the sun came out on the day.

Keynote Presentations

In Room 3 we have started working on creating World War 2 presentations. We are creating our presentations on Ipads using Keynote Presentations. We are learning a lot about how to use this app, and are having fun including pictures, text and recordings in our presentations. We are hoping to present our presentations to our class next week.

Ducks and Bikes in Room 2!

After 6 weeks of Cycle Safety training, the children in Room 2 took part in a Cycle around the Phoenix Park.  They were joined by Mr. Parker, who gave the children some wonderful facts about different parts of the Phoenix Park.  It was a wonderful day out and the children particularly enjoyed the lap of the 15 acres! Just before our mid-term in June, the children welcomed some new pupils.

Our Day At The Bog

After learning about the bog, our class went on a trip with all of the 4th classes to the Bog of Allen. There we learned all about the different plants and animals that live there.   We started the day with some pond-dipping. We had to work together to catch mini-beasts from a pond and figure out what we had caught using a guide. We then learned how the bog.

Our Geography Field Trip…

Pond Dipping When we went to the bog we did pond dipping. Pond dipping is where you have a big net and you dip it into a pond to catch insects. Insects live in the pond. After we caught the insects we separated them and classified the different types. Then we let them back into the pond. It was a lot of fun! (By Ecaterina and Marvellous)   Catching Frogs.

A trip to the cinema!

We walked nearly 5km to the cinema and back. It was a cool experience to walk with the whole school. The movie was called Dumbo. It was fiction but it had real people and real elephants. The ears were animated. There was about 250 children in the cinema. It was a lot of fun. The movie was really good but a little bit sad. By Majus and Alex

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