Ms Walsh

Room 1: Fáilte go Seomra 1 Rang a 6, Ms. Walsh, where we are always learning, having fun and # reach for the stars.

Student Council 2019/2020

On Friday, 20th of September, 2019, the sixth class pupils gathered in the hall as they continued their campaign for a place on St. Francis Xavier Student Council 2019/2020. The pupils, encouraged by their peers, delivered their speeches with great confidence and enthusiasm. Their ideas were outstanding and made the decision of who to elect very difficult for the audience present. Unfortunately, only two pupils from each 6th class could.

Cycling Safety Program 🚲

Cycling Safety Program 🚲

Providing children with the skills and knowledge required to be better, safer cyclists. 6th Class are currently taking part in a cycling program facilitated by Graham & Noel from The Cycling Safety School. We are enjoying learning skills such as the ‘Life Saver Look’ and Formation Cycling. We also are more aware of  safety when cycling on the road and the different dangers on the road. At the beginning of.

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