Ms. Hansberry

Room 8: Fáilte go seomra 8 rang a 4, múinteoir Ms. Hansberry, where we work hard, have fun, learn and laugh.

STEPS Young Engineers Award

Last term we took part in the STEPS Young Engineers Award. We were given the task to design something to help within our community. We had to build a prototype to show how our design would work. Four engineers came to visit our class. One of the engineers was a drone engineer and another one worked on space stations. We presented our work to the engineers and they gave us.

Learning About the Human Body

In Room 8 we have been learning all about the organs in the human body. To help us learn we made ‘Human Body’ information posters. Using the IPads, we researched information and added the information to the posters.

Irish Emigration Museum Visit

      On Wednesday, March 20th we went to EPIC, The Irish Emigration Museum. EPIC stands for ‘Every Person Is Connected’. We had been learning about the Great Famine in history and we wanted to learn more about Irish emigration. It was very exciting, learning and playing games. They use advanced technology to make learning fun. Did you know…at one time women were not allowed to join the army.

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