Ms. Ward

Room 6: Fáilte go seomra 6 rang a 5, múinteoir Ms. Ward, where we work best when we work together.

Our Geography Field Trip…

Pond Dipping When we went to the bog we did pond dipping. Pond dipping is where you have a big net and you dip it into a pond to catch insects. Insects live in the pond. After we caught the insects we separated them and classified the different types. Then we let them back into the pond. It was a lot of fun! (By Ecaterina and Marvellous)   Catching Frogs.

A trip to the cinema!

We walked nearly 5km to the cinema and back. It was a cool experience to walk with the whole school. The movie was called Dumbo. It was fiction but it had real people and real elephants. The ears were animated. There was about 250 children in the cinema. It was a lot of fun. The movie was really good but a little bit sad. By Majus and Alex

Planting Seeds

  Earlier in the year we planted some tomatoes and some peas. Before we grew them we learned how to grow them. We put a bit of soil in our pots, then we plopped some seeds on top. We put a bit more soil over them, watered them and..VOILA!! When we had planted them we them on the window-sill so they could get sunlight to grow. We watered them everyday.

  Last week ducks came to visit our class. When the ducks came in we pushed our tables together and the 6th classers placed newspaper on our tables so the ducks wouldn’t poo all over the tables. The ducks were so fluffy and golden. The 6th classers said if you hold the ducks and rub the back of their necks they would go to sleep. It was so fun having.

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