Our Geography Field Trip…

Pond Dipping

When we went to the bog we did pond dipping. Pond dipping is where you have a big net and you dip it into a pond to catch insects. Insects live in the pond. After we caught the insects we separated them and classified the different types. Then we let them back into the pond. It was a lot of fun! (By Ecaterina and Marvellous)


Catching Frogs

We went frog catching on our school tour. It was so fun! We went around a piece of land looking for frogs. We looked around flowers, bushes, small trees and in patches of grass. There were flap doors, where the frogs hid. When we were finished we put the frogs in plastic boxes filled with some water. We had lots of fun! (By Amy and Madad)


The Museum

We visited the museum at The Bog of Allen in Co. Kildare.

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