5th class school tour.

5th class blog
Our school tour.
On Friday 31st of May, all the fifth classes went to the National Sports Campus to do different sports and swimming.
We got the bus at 8.45 to go to the National Sports Campus. It took 15 minutes to get there. When we got there, we went into the building and the boys and girls were put into two different groups.
The boys did high jump and the girls did long jump. The high jump was very fun and Conor Gill won. After that, we played a game called corners. Then we did sprints. At last, we did the long jump, which Conor Green won.
Then the boys and girls were put into one group and did relays it was fun. After running, we had lunch.
After lunch, we did gymnastics. We walked on the beam, we did trampolining, and it was lots of fun!

When we were finished, we had big break. After lunch, we packed up and started walking to the Aquatic Centre and we went on all the water slides like the Black Hole, the Ring Slide etc. We were also in the Wave Pool, the Lazy River and the Surfboard. After that, we got changed and went outside and got on the bus. When we got back to the school our parents picked us up and brought us home.
By Conor Gill and Conor Green.

— toseaghdha