November Blog

November was a great month, we did so much I’m not sure how to fit it all in. We painted Starry Starry Night, they were as good as Vincent Van Gough’s, most of them. We also listened to ‘Vincent’ the song and filled in a sheet of questions as we listened. On our last day with Ms Daly, we were all sad, but when we heard we were making MEGA brownies our mood changed quite fast! They were delicious. Maybe a little burned, but still delicious. For science week we got to pick a famous scientist to do a project on. We used the ipads to research information. It was interesting to see who would win, but all of them were brilliant. We also had a book fair in our school in November. There were loads of books to choose from and we were grateful for all the books. NOVEMBER WAS GREAT!

Written by Grace Crawford and Ross Duggan

— dkilkenny