“SFX Senior School invited to participate in DES Wellbeing Video”!!

While I was in Sweden, a number of our teachers and pupils took part in a recorded interview for the Department of Education & Skills (DES).  You may recall that our school was asked to pilot a wellbeing questionnaire for the DES last May.  Based on the feedback received from our school, the DES invited our staff and pupils to participate in this interview. I was delighted to receive an email from the organisers acknowledging our participation:

“A big thanks to you, your staff and pupils for doing the wellbeing questionnaires originally and for agreeing to give us your comments on Monday.  The pupils were excellent and had some really good ideas and opinions.  The staff were also excellent and had terrific insight.  Your comments will be so helpful to other schools, school staff, pupils and parents in supporting them to engage in the wellbeing promotion process.” 

Maith sibh a mhúinteoirí agus a pháistí!  Looking forward to seeing this video on the DES website soon!


— admin