Our Science Investigations

Last Monday we started investigating on how far cars can travel down a slope with Ms. Reidy. The next day we started pulling the tables back to make more space for the cars to roll. We then got into groups of fours and fives and started the investigation. Firstly we started with the slope at the bottom rung of a ladder and moved our way up. The first two groups stated noticing that their cars were going to a certain point in the room. We then started another investigation on why the cars were going to that point. We then used a compass to find the magnetic north. We then noticed that the brush was able to stand by itself on this point. We were amazed! We now have two investigations to work on. We are checking if the brush will still stand each day and are recording our results. We will let you know our findings in a few weeks time.

Written by Christina and Jack

— dkilkenny