4th Class at Science Blast in the RDS!







Congratulations to Mr. Donaghy’s 4th Class who participated in this years Science Blast in the RDS on Monday, 2nd March.  The class were investigating ‘What is the best time of day to exercise?’.  The children organised surveys, collected data and presented their findings brilliantly to teachers, judges and children from other schools at the RDS.  They really enjoyed taking part in this exhibition of Science and of course, loved exercising outdoors in order to investigate the question!  More pictures from this brilliant day to follow.

In addition, the children in Mr. Donaghy’s 4th Class  completed a ‘Design and Make’ experiment.  In groups, they worked collaboratively to design, make and improve a ‘land yacht’.  Many thanks to Ms. Reidy who guided the children with their plans and improvements throughout.




— sdonaghy