2019/2020 Memories

Our year in 4th class has undoubtedly been one to remember. From the lockdown to Google Classroom, there have been a lot of adjustments and we have worked hard as a class.

Before we left in March, we worked hard too and made many 4th class memories. We took part in the “STEPS Young Engineers” competition in which we had to design and make a product that would improve the local community. We worked together in our groups to achieve this goal.

During “Wellbeing Week” we enjoyed an afternoon of board games.

Ms. Reidy worked with us to build “Land Yachts”. This involved designing, making, testing and making changes until we were happy with our yachts. We then raced the “Land Yachts” in the hall using hairdryers and fans.

Finally, we went to a singing workshop in Draíocht held by “The Mobile Music School”. We learned songs, how to control our voices and played games.

— sscullion