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“Firstly I want to congratulate St Francis Xavier Senior School on reaching this really fantastic milestone. Having the privilege of being a Public Representative in Dublin 15 I get to call to many doors and meet many people and each time SFX comes up, the reports are nothing but good ones. This is a testament to the many staff past and present who have given so much commitment over the years to the pupils in their care.

I went to Xavier’s between 1984 and 1991. It was a new school at the time in an area full of young families at what was then the edge of the city. I have lots of memories of school. It’s hard to though to pick one out. I remember lining up in the morning in the yard before school started, little break and big break, sports days, gym days and school trips. I also remember walking down to the church to prepare for our First Holy Communion and the big day itself, vaccine boosters, the sponsored walks and Christmas Fair. I particularly remember the trip to Wales in 6th class. We all went over on the ferry and visited Rhyl and Caernavon. I remember all of my teachers; Mrs McCarthy, Ms Murphy and Mr Parker. Although class sizes were large, we got a very good education in all senses of the word and for that I am very thankful.

Being back in the school last year on a visit brought back those long lasting memories. It is great to see that SFX continues to deliver for the children who attend. I know first-hand from my nephews who attend SFX that the high level of dedication shown by the staff still exists and is strong.  I will always be grateful to my teachers in SFX who always encouraged me. Wishing all the pupils, staff and parents the very best in the celebrations and here is to the many more years where long lasting friendships and more good memories will be made.”

— An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, Past Pupil

“St Francis Xavier was the first place I had the opportunity to play football. Many people who get involved in Gaelic Games do so because of a deep-rooted association between his or her family and a local club, but that was not the case for me; my family was not involved in any club. It was in primary school that I was first exposed to the game that would, in the following ten years, dominate my life, and lead me straight towards my chosen career path. Trials for Mr Merrigan’s team began it all.

I can still remember the nerves about whether or not I’d be selected for the squad, then for the team. I can still remember the final at Croke Park; the orange-quarters Mr Merrigan handed out at half time; the last-minute winner from Karen Treacy; the referee mistakenly calling out the wrong winner, only to be corrected by teachers from both schools, and the trip to the McDonald’s in Phibsborough on the way home. Opportunities like that may seem small to some, but for others, it can be the beginning of something huge.”

— Joanne Cantwell, RTE Sports Broadcaster

The standard of utilising and integrating ICTs was excellent in all the various classroom and other settings. Ranganna trí go rang a sé deserve special thanks for sharing their time during the validation visit.im go mór iad.

— Digital Schools of Distinction Award

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