Mission Statement

At St Francis Xavier Senior School we strive to create an atmosphere of mutual respect which promotes excellence in all aspects of school life and allows all individuals in our school community to realise their full potential.

Vision Statement

St. Francis Xavier’s Senior National School is a Catholic school under the patronage of the Bishop of Dublin.  We wish it to be a place where the development of the moral, spiritual, physical, academic, aesthetic, cultural aspects of each individual are central to all that we do. This we envisage occurring in an atmosphere of mutual respect where all members of the school community feel happy and secure working in a spirit of encouragement and enthusiasm while recognising and celebrating diversity.

The Pupils

We envisage pupils who

  •   Feel safe, accepted and happy in our school.
  •   Feel understood and secure in the knowledge that they are recognised as wonderful individuals.
  •   Are ambitious for themselves and their peers.
  •   Are proud to be pupils of St. Francis Xavier’s Senior National School.
  •   Have a sense of self and cultural identity.

The Staff

We envisage a professional caring staff who are

  •    Committed to supporting the pupils and all who are engaged in their learning and care.
  • Co-operative, approachable, diligent and tolerant.
  •   Open to new and innovative approaches and ideas.
  •   Supported in their efforts to provide the best possible opportunities to their pupils.
  •   Motivated, diligent and resourceful.
  •   Valued and respected.

The Parents

We envisage parents who are

  •   Supportive of the school.
  •   Committed to and interested in their children’s learning.
  •   Ambitious for their children and who expect high standards in terms of courtesy, respect, and achievement from all in the school community.
  •   Take their responsibilities seriously.
  •   Consulted, communicated with and who feel that their opinions are valued.
  •   Co-operative with the school and communicate their needs to the relevant persons.

The Board of Management

We envisage a Board of Management that is

  •   Supportive and well informed of the work of the school.
  •   Innovative, open and discrete.
  •   Appreciative of the needs of staff and parents and who actively encourage personal and professional development.
  •   Aware of the resources required by staff in order to ensure effective teaching and learning.